Weekend Getaway with Mini to Malibu, California

Mini Cooper 1

Buckle up ladies and gentlemen you’re in for a wild ride. MINI USA invited some media outlets to partake in a fabulous MINI weekend Getaway trip to Malibu, California. Attendees started the morning at the crack of dawn with lite bites and coffee at Malibu Estate lot before embarking on the scenic road trip up Pacific coast highway and through the lovely canyons of Malibu to SaddleRock Ranch. MINI’s were equipped with GoPro’s to capture all the candid fun. Upon arrival at Saddlerock ranch guest were greeted by crisp, fresh California air, stunning rolling hills, zebra’s, Stanley the Giraffe and a delightfully enthusiastic MINI Cooper team. They prepped an incredible picnic for guests and a few creative art stations. It made for a very relaxing morning. The location itself was something out of a Tuscan countryside beautiful rolling hills.

The MINI Getaway was a perfect way to experience all the amenities of the car. The layout was super stylish, and the ride was very comfortable. Without even having the turbo engine the car had a lot of pickup going up the hill and handled well driving through the canyons. The inside was surprisingly spacious for such a compact car. The convertible was the magic touch for a sunrise ride along Pacific coast highway. Can’t wait for the next adventure! Thanks MINI for hosting a wonderful weekend!

Mini Cooper 4