Travel: To the South China Sea and beyond!

These are snaps from my visit to The Ritz-Carlton Sanya in China. I never expected to land in such a beautiful place. It was absolutely breath-taking.

The weather was warm and slightly humid. Felt much like Hawaii. Often times, language barrier was a bit difficult. Regardless, the staff was very helpful and very sweet.

My suit is by Basta Surf and I love it! It’s reversible, I saw the brand on the cover of SI and had to have it! 
The Ritz-Carlton Sanya China

More of my adorable suit

 The water was blue, gorgeous and warm.The Ritz-Carlton Sanya China

The Ritz-Carlton Sanya China

 Relaxing with the perfect white cover up.20140329-030657.jpg

One evening, a private chef came to the presidential suite where I stayed, and cooked an amazingly delicious five course meal. The staff decorated the room beautifully with roses. Greatest ambiance.


The Ritz-Carlton Sanya China roses

At the hotel visitors can rent a Segway to cruise around on the beach, I really couldn’t take that seriously. Every time I saw it, I would die laughing. I mean really though.



I got some new shoes before coming to China. They looked adorable surrounded by the roses from the dinner. These shoes are by Reef and super comfortable to walk around in. I paired the shoes with my Dolce & Gabbana skirt (here is a similar skirt)  and cute stripped top by BCBG.20140329-031535.jpg

These were my other cute shoes I brought on the trip also by Reef.20140329-031728.jpg

During my stay I had a spa day, which was really nice. Later, I found out you could get massage in these cabana which is super bossy. 🙂


Some more Segway action coming at ya! 20140329-031953.jpg

Lunch among the palm trees and white sand was really relaxing. This place has a special place in my heart.

Still more to come from my trip to China. Next stop, Shanghai for a few….. xoxo