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Music: Lorde on repeat!!!

The Beautiful and talented Lorde. I have her on repeat where ever I go. Just LOVE her!! She writes her own music and has such a classy style about her. <3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8Ymd-OCucs  …

Events: Thanks Bollare for an amazing event!

A few days ago, I attended the Fall Forward event held by Bollare at their new show room in Beverly Hills. It was such a blast. I Had my hair braided at the custom braid bar by the lovely Marissa Montoya and tested some N.4 hair care goodness. I also previewed some new fall 2014…

Good eats: The Smile NYC reviews ;)

The Smile Cafe NYC reviews. Being South African, eating is a huge part of our culture. Whether it's with your family, out chilling at a restaurant, or at someone's house having a brai (bbq), eating good in the neighborhood is the true spice of life. With that said, we bring you one of mine choice picks in New York…