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Fashion: Life, Love, and the Pursuit of a Leather Jackets.

Since, the dawn of the ages, humanity has paraded animal skins about. A symbol of status among commoners, the buttery leather jackets have brought together brotherhoods of mavens from all walks of life. With fall still meandering its evil head out of our warm weather in Southern California, we give you a few jackets they…

Make up tip Monday: Evolution of Smooth Lip Balm review

Make up tip Monday: Evolution of Smooth Lip Balm review Photo: Brandon Guilmette These winter months can really wreak havoc upon our perfectly nice lips. Recently, thanks to my mom, I caught wind of an amazing product called EOS or 'Evolution of Smooth' lip balm. I've carried it with me for the past month, and its been…

The Secret to a Monumental Winter Workout!

We can all relate, working out can be a hard self-motivated activity. The secret to a monumental winter workout plan is, drag your friends with you. Make it fun with hikes, the gym, or snowboarding. If you have a good crew the entire group will be in shape together in no time! In doing this,…