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Hair: Oh, the Comb over

Oh, the comb-over! You have combed the lands a long way since the guys on Wall Street, your awkward university professor, and the notable not-so-fashion-inclined Donald Trump. More recently, we've seen the combover done with a more chic tasteful twist. Celebrities like Miley and David Beckham rock it effortlessly.  Redemption comes in many brush strokes, as this…

Hair goals: Pony Tail Edition

A little Pony Tale . . . . How to achieve the most stunning high ponytail possible? Use shampoo and conditioner known for smoothing. Apply a heat protectant before blow drying and flat ironing. A good brush to get the real close hairs all in the same place. This brush also has a quick clean…

Catch of the Day: Photography

Taking up photography wasn't any easy task. Then again, when things come easy in life, we usually take it for granted. Since we bought this camera, everyone around us has been forced to learn photography.  HAHAHAA! Its been cool to see  the moments people have been capturing when they shoot with film. We take shots…