Style: Nail Art with expert Anna Stimson

When going out we all know, having beautiful nails is über important for lasting impression. Clean, vibrant colors, on a nice manicure,  gives an outfit that extra special spark. With that said, we have an exclusive interview with my good friend, the beautiful and talented nail art expert, Anna Stimson.  You can catch her art gracing the covers of magazines such as, Harper’s Bazaar, Genlux, Unleashed just to name a few, and not to mention the laundry list of celebs she’s worked with. She’s absolutely amazing, a total sweetheart and very passionate about her craft.

So, while we were all in New York for fashion week, I of course, had her do mine over a nice glass of wine. They were beautiful!   I mean who wouldn’t, right? Now when you look at your nails, you might just ask yourself, what would Anna Stimson do?

Anna Stimson Catcher in the Style

1) Who are some of your biggest inspirations?

Kimmie Kyees has been a big inspiration to me and Jenna Hipp.


Nail Art Catcher in the Style


2) Trends in nail art you are loving now?

Right now I’m loving the “matte” trend.

3) How did you get involved in nail art?

Since, I was very young I’ve always had an obsession with nail polish. When I was little, I used to paint on rocks from my parents backyard with polish, because I didn’t have long enough nails to paint on. As I got older, I would do my own nails, friends nails, friends of friends and so on. Eventually I joined my passion with my business aspirations and turned it into my career.


Catcher in the Style- nail Art Anna Stimson


4) What has been your favorite job you’ve worked recently and why?

I like working with people who aren’t afraid to take risks creatively. I was at a shoot a few weeks ago where a latex stylist present: it was an interesting and very fun day to say the least.


Catcher in the style Nail Art Thania Peck


5) What advice do you have for people pursuing this type of career?

Work hard, be open-minded and remember people’s names when you meet them!

6) What do you like to do when you aren’t jetting setting around for jobs?

I actually paint nails a lot even when I’m not technically ‘working’. I love to cook too, that’s definitely one of my favorite leisure’s.


 Harper's Bazaar Anna Stimson Thania Peck Catcher in the Style


 7) What are the names of your favorite polish?

Floss Gloss is so dope, the have so many bright and unique colors which I am naturally drawn to. NCLA is also one of my favorites.

8) Are there any other nail artist you love?

@jessicawashick @MPNails, @stephstonenails @pushypushy @misshandly … just to name a few 😉


Nail Art Catcher in the style Thania Peck

9) In general you have super fly style what are your some of your favorite pieces you own now?

I just got these Nike sneaker boots, they are a rad army green with a navy duck toe and orange laces and shearling on the tongue. I’m obsessed with them!

Awesome, thanks Anna for the chat! xx

To see more of her nail art check out!