Style: Here is Your Personal Press Pass to the Golden Globes With Entertainment Reporter Brianna Deutsch!

Ever wonder what it would be like, working the front line of an event the size of the Golden Globes? Well, you lucky dog, today we have an exclusive VIP press pass with my best friend the beautiful Brianna Deutsch.

Who in your opinion was the best dressed male/ female?
There were so many spectacular gowns at this year’s Golden Globes. I loved that actresses wore bold colors there was quite a lot of red on the carpet too. I thought Lupita Nyong’o’s red Ralph Lauren cape dress was sleek & classic…. It took my breath away!
Kate Beckinsale always looks gorgeous… she would look pretty wearing a sack but her metallic Zuhair Murad number was dazzling.
Naomi Watt’s told me at the Weinstein after party that Tom Ford made her dress awhile ago but she decided to save it for the Globes. Her partner Liev Schreiber also looked smashing in Tom Ford.
Wolf of Wall Street’s Margot Robbie’s Gucci ensemble was really glamorous… it’s hard to pick the very “best”.
71st Annual Golden Globe Awards- Margot Robbie
Actress Paula Patton got a lot of criticism for her white fluffy Stephanie Rolland gown but I thought she looked angelic and loved that she took a risk!
Were you at all impressed/inspired with anyone you meet?
Robin Wright was so gracious to me.
Naomi Watts is just a lot of fun… she told me Liev makes fun of her when she talks about “fashion”. But who REALLY surprised me was Puff Daddy…. Or is it Sean Combs now? He sat down and gave me his full beauty routine on how he got ready for the globes… even men love cucumbers!
Your dress was amazing who made it and how did you select that particular one?
My great friend Jill Eisenstadt-Chayet owns her own PR agency- bluPRint PR & reps various fashion lines, SAMA, Amsale, and Mandalay to name a few. Jill was kind enough to loan me a gorgeous black beaded gown designed by Mandalay. I felt like a princess in the dress (even being under the weather Globes day… I was fighting bronchitis all week but it ended up being quite a fun day).
Brianna Deutsch InStyle
 Brianna Deutsch Lawrence Zarian InStyle Inside Edition
Working for InStyle and Inside Edition is it just as important for you to look good as it is for the red carpet celebs, did you have a team getting you ready as well?
I did my makeup and hair… I still need to work on how to do hair properly! If anyone wants to teach me.. I’d be forever grateful.  It’s been an honor covering events for InStyle… I love talking to women about beauty, fashion and health! Inside Edition gives me the opportunity to work on real news stories so, it’s nice to have that balance.
What are your favorite make up colors you are using now and what red lip were you wearing for the Event?
I used to really love a red lip. In the winter, I’m a little too pale so, I decided on a pink shade. I actually picked a picture of Sandra Bullock from a recent event, and tried to replicate her pinky complexion.
For Globes, I wore MAC’s Mineralize Lipstick in Grande Dame– it’s the creamiest lipstick they offer.
Other cosmetics I used on Sunday…
Japonesque has now come out with an affordable makeup line (they are known for their eyelash curlers and eye products) and I used their Velvet Touch blush (# 3 ), Laura Mercier’s metallic eye paint in Gold, Trish McEvoy’s Gel Eyeliner (Black). I’m very fond of the smokey-eye look and think an award show is the perfect occasion to try it. I used various browns and taupes all by Clarins & Bobbi Brown.
I decided to try something new and used fake navy blue lashes by Ardell… colored lashes are fun and can really bring out your eyes.
Any trends in particular you are loving? 
I love that women are getting glitzy and edgy with their manicured. Zooey Deschanel always has cute patterns and pictures on her polish.
No one really wore necklaces, what were your thoughts on the minimal jewelry? 
Cate Blanchett’s dress was a piece of art… glad she didn’t wear a necklace. Her Chopard diamond earrings complimented her lacy number perfectly. I think jewelry can be overwhelming and take away from your outfit. CoCo Chanel had a famous saying… “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.”Coco was absolutely right. Less is more!
I haven’t really gave into that ear cuff thing yet, what do you think about that street wear trend making a statement on the red carpet this year?
Some of the ear cuff pieces are gorgeous but it looks to heavy & painful to wear… those poor ears! I’m pretty simple & believe pearls go with everything.
71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - ear cuff 
Did the sewer spill affect the press at all?
Yes it definitely did! The pipe broke and water flowed for at least 45 minutes. Various outlets were told to move down and one entire section was evacuated. Some actresses’ gowns got wet as they walked down the carpet. Masters of Sex’s actress Caitlin FitzGerald was a big sport… her tail got wet and she told me “It’s OK!! It’s only WATER… not the end of the world… it will dry!”.
How do you prep for an event of this caliber ?
I watched as many nominated films I could before the event and looked up recent pictures of the actresses attending. I always like to talk to people who have changed up their hairstyle or look… it makes for a nice conversation. I noticed Robin Wright had cut her hair short & edgy… so I started with that… instead of prying about her personal life.
Were you nervous at all?
I never get nervous but I wish there was more time to talk to all the nominees and presenters!
What are your favorite things about your job?
I love meeting new interesting people. My all time favorite person I’ve met is Diane Von Furstenberg! She is a class act and a style icon. If I could only wear one designer for the rest of my life… it would be DVF!
What advice do you have for young people wanting to pursue your profession?
I’m a freelancer and still trying to figure it all out. I think the most important thing is to build your contacts. It’s a small world… you never know when an opportunity will come your way so get out and meet new people…. socialize and travel. A new friend may pavé the way for a new place. Friends like working with friends! I’m a firm believer in helping others. I always try to connect people I think that would work well together.
Who are your fashion inspirations? 
Sandra Bullock, Kate Beckinsale and Jennifer Aniston. Anything they wear is classic and timeless.
When you travel what products can you not live without?
My toothbrush of course! 🙂
Comodynes make up wipes. Trader Joe’s now carries their very own version! They are the best and make your skin feeling so soft & clean.
Celebrity Beverly Hills’ dermatologist Dr Harold Lancer has the best skin care line. I love his nourish moisturizer and polish. Dr. Lancer’s clients include: Anne Hathaway, Victoria Beckham and Courtney Cox. Stars flock to him for that red carpet glow!
Bronzer and any shade of peach or light pink lip gloss!
Thanks so much Bri for the beautiful interview!