PepsiCo recently settled on a $9 million class action lawsuit involving its Naked juice brand, which made false “all natural” claims despite its use of GMO and synthetic ingredients. Here’s How to Get Your Money Back | News |


A month ago we were not so shocked when Naked Juice admitted its products are not so natural in a $9 million lawsuit.

The PepsiCo-owned company admitted to hiding GMO and synthetic ingredients in its products, despite advertising “all natural” directly on the bottles.

Now, as part of the multimillion-dollar settlement, PepsiCo will pay at least $45 to each person who has purchased a Naked Juice product—even with no proof of purchase. Those who have a receipt will receive a cash payment of $75.

All purchases must have been made between September 27, 2007, and August 19, 2013—and all you have to do is fill out this Naked Juice Class claim form. A settlement administrator will review it and determine whether you qualify for the reimbursement. (And if by November 11 you change your mind and want out of the settlement, just send in another written request to exclude yourself.)

PepsiCo will pay consumers up to $9 million total. Any funds remaining will be given to nonprofit organizations, including Mayo Clinic and various organizations in California, Boston, Chicago, Texas, and Florida.

For more information, visit the class action’s website for a lengthy description of the claims process and a list of the eligible products.

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