My Weekend Reset with Uber Rewards

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Living in New York, I’m a frequent Uber user. It’s helpful when I’m in a hurry to get somewhere or even when I’ve had a long day on my feet and just want to be easily transported to my destination. The new Uber Rewards program is incredible for frequent users like me. I’m in the Platinum Tier, and with that come so many incredible benefits, but my favorite is the Price Protection on UberX. Each month, I can choose 2 locations to lock in, essentially 2 locations that I go back and forth between frequently. All UberX rides I take between the locations will always be up to 35% less than what everyone else pays on that route. I’ve chosen my apartment and my workout studio in TriBeCa as my price protected route. During the weekends, I love to wake up super early and meet some friends for a workout. I’ll do yoga, HIIT, Barre or a Bounce class and will feel great after. It’s a complete reset from my crazy week of hosting events, photo shoots, editing media and writing concepts for upcoming projects. I can rest assured that with the benefit of Price Protection on UberX with Uber Rewards, I’ll be protected during busy times. It makes my post-yoga zen that much better! Go here to find out more about Uber Rewards, join for free and unlock your benefits.