Music: The Official Music festival Survival Guide

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We are approaching a very epic time in our young lives. Yes, music festival season is almost upon us. I’ve been to a ton of different music festivals around the world, but have the most experience with Coachella. Here I’ll give some tips I’ve learned from my experiences. coachella music festival survival guideFirst off, get your car an oil change and make sure it has water. It’s very hot out there, you don’t want to have it over heat. Also, brace yourself for long waits in traffic!


-Camping and riding a bike is a great idea, just lock it up.

-Look at the schedules of the artists playing. Then make your own timeline of who you’d like to see so, you don’t miss any shows.

-Hydration. DUH!

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-Try to dress comfortable my beautifully and ever so stylish friend’s

Cool music fest vibe attireCool music fest vibe attire

-During the weeks of Coachella, a lot of the artists play smaller shows in surrounding areas. If you can’t make it to the festival. Check music blogs to see whose playing where.

-At the venue cell phones don’t work so, stick with your crew.


-Check the weather so your tent doesn’t get rained on like some of my friends last year.

-Be safe and have a blast make new friends!

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-Hit up some pool parties.

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-The weekend in Palm Springs is full of fun events even if you can’t make it to the festival. Get yourself and your friends on the lists for the events.

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Day pool party time!

-Red Bull is key come Monday morning.

Coachella over the years!

Coachella over the years!

Dance and have a blast!

coachella 4Dance and have a blast!

Bring allergy Meds if you have bad allergies!

lorde catcher in the style thania peck

I can’t wait to see the Lorde, Motorhead, and Glitch Mob play! Who are you excited to see?