Music Monday: Adventures in Colorado by Band South Of France

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When the band South of France mentioned to us they were taking a majestic adventure through the mountains of Colorado. We could not help, but feature this story for the blog. They not only have great clothing style, their music is awesome! Enjoy the beautiful imagery from their trip. Thanks for contributing!


After a hectic summer of shows, festivals and recording our second album, we decided it was time to take a break. We took a 5-day 4-wheel drive trip through the mountains of Colorado to get as far away from the music as possible.

Keeping the Colorado aesthetic in mind, we purchased products from the Colorado-based brands that we love and appreciate. We’re proud to celebrate the rapidly growing Colorado handmade goods market.  These companies are making some incredible products and we were really excited to use them through the mountains of Colorado.

(Topo Designs, Yea NiceShop Goldyn) Denim- AllSanits

-South Of France-  Facebook 

Photos: Jeff  Cormack and Patrick Pritchard

South Of France South Of France South Of France