Music/ Fashion: Coachella 2014 X HUDSON JEANS and Friends Day 3

It would just be so amazing to live in a music festival forever!  I’m not sure about everyone else but, there is something about dancing to live music in grassy fields with friends that is just magical. Well, needless to say Sunday came with ease Cocahella weekend! We did our rounds, hit up the Joy Rich pool party followed by LED’s David Guetta Show at the Hard Rock before going to the festival to watch amazing performances by Arcade Fire, Beck, Lana Del Rey, Calvin Harris, Duck Sauce and Motorhead. What a great time! Thanks Mary Grace swim, Brixton, Sundry, luli Fama, Vans girls, and Hudson Jeans for everything!  All our denim is by Hudson Jeans Get 20% off with our offer code hudsonfest20 till 5/5/2014!   All Photos by Andi Elloway unless otherwise stated.IMG_2517 IMG_252320140425-105413.jpg                                                                                                         20140423-172809.jpg 20140423-172206.jpg 20140423-172147.jpg                                                                                                    3 Above Photo: By Beth Van Boxtel


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IMG_2415 IMG_2407 IMG_2391 IMG_2363
Catcher in the style thania peck andi elloway vans girls

tumblr_n45r96xSMO1qcaxuoo1_1280 IMG_2179 AndiElloway_Coachella14_032

Oh, Coachella we came, we saw, and we conquered! Till next year or next music fextival 🙂 Thanks for the memories!!

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