Music/ Fashion: Coachella 2014 X HUDSON JEANS and Friends Day 2

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Day 2: Our Coachella Friday was amazingly memorable, nonetheless. All of us got pretty excited to just be in the mix of the mayhem.  It was nice to finally be doing it. We got some what a good night sleep to tackle the crazy day of parties, music and more parties. Our first party was TEEN Vogue followed by the Guess Hotel at the Vice Roy. We saw our agents at NEXT which was fun and mingle with friends. Made a bunch of new friends before heading to the last party of our day time adventure before the festival was Milk Studios party.  Thanks to Vans for all our awesome gear. The backpacks were such a help running around town with all our supplies. Also, big thanks to JoyRich, Rebecca Minkoff, Laura Cantu, Lychee Swim, Reef Shoes, Coco belle, Electric picks and of course Hudson Jeans! Get 20% off with our offer code hudsonfest20!

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After the Crazy day of running around we hit up the festival to see Lorde, Pharrell, Skrillex, MGMT, Foster the People before we headed out to the Neon Carnival. We danced so much that night, I’m just smiling as I’m writing thinking about it.  It was my first time attending the carnival and I had an insane time. Free food and booze for the people who were about that life, it was over the top awesome and felt like we were in a movie! I see why it’s one of the best parties of Coachella weekend. We ran into ton of amazing friends as well. Yay!

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