Music/ Fashion: Coachella 2014 X HUDSON JEANS and Friends Day 1

Every year, my friends and I join the masses of Coachella goers to celebrate warm weather, music, pool parties, and of course babes. We seek and destroyed every fun activity in site and promised to leave no party behind on our operation desert storm Coachella 2014 edition. The next few blog posts will be our real Coachella experiences. From our epic road trip out to our days and unforgettable nights. You will be able to capture and enjoy Zane, Andi, Eden and I’s memories and O to ALL that is Coachella. Also, check our HUDSON Jeans to shop our looks get 20% off with offer code: hudsonfest20. Big Thanks to Desigual, and Brixton.


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After our T-Rex encounter, we hit up Kari Feinstein’s Style Lounge to grab some last minute goodies. Big thanks to them for having us!  Then it was time for some music.  We got to see one of my favorite bands growing up AFI and they killed it! We also saw Martin Garrix, Chromeo, Girl Talk, Ellie Golding, The knife, Zedd and a little bit of OutKast which I thought was amazing! Dance Party USA!  Coachella rules 😉

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Yay! Andi and I were Stylish! 🙂

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