Menswear: How to Groom the Perfect Beard.

As a blogger on trends in fashion, naturally I get questions from men asking about what looks good in menswear, what they should wear to their wedding, hair trends, beards, gifts for girls, the list goes on. Happily succumbing to asked requests, today is for those bearded men. I invited a good friend and well-kept bearded man Bilal Oriqat to contribute a Catcher in the Style how to on beard tips and tricks. Thanks Bilal!  Enjoy my friends feel free to share with others!

How to groom a beard

The sun setting earlier in the day and the nights growing colder can only mean one thing; it’s beard season. For some like myself, it’s beard season all year round; so, I thought I’d share some essential tips & tricks on how to grow and maintain a healthy beard.

For the men just now embarking on this rugged journey, try and not be put off by the initial itchiness, flakes, and hassle that come with the first signs of a beard. Just like keeping your hair looking on point, it’ll take a few steps to have your beard looking fresh.

First and foremost, you must shampoo and condition your beard. Every shower you take that you shampoo and condition your hair, do the same for your beard. No, half-assing it either, lather that baby up.

Second, beard oil. There are a lot of products advertised as the best oil for your beard. I’ve found, products used for your hair and face work exceptionally well; primarily ones that are organic and natural. For years, I’ve been using jojoba oil for my hair and face and using it for my beard has kept my beard looking extra healthy and feeling soft. Extra virgin olive oil also works.

How to groom a beard

Third, you absolutely need to brush your beard. As soon as you go from stubble to a little bit of length on your beard, this step is very vital to the health of your beard. I took this step for granted for years; but ever since I’ve been letting my beard grow thick, brushing my beard has done wonders to keep my beard tamed. I recommend a boar bristle brush, It’s a little pricier than average, but it’s worth it.


The last, but not least, just like finding the right barber for your hair, you need to find the right barber for your beard. I go to my barber every 3-4 weeks and he makes sure to spend as much time on my beard as he does on my hair.

How to groom a beard

I hope the steps, I personally take to keep my beard healthy, will be valuable to you. Add me on Instagram @bilaloriqat if you have any questions or concerns or just want to see some looks my beard has taken.

Fellow bearded venturer,
Bilal Oriqat

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