Makeup Tip Monday Liquid Eyeliner Edition


Who doesn’t want that perfect Bridgitte Bardot eyeliner look? I know we do! So, the other day when we were shopping for a new liquid liner, we found a gem. The eyeliner is by New York Color  in black.

To get the look pictured above, follow our steps. The best way to use this liner is start from the inner eye, make a thin line along the upper eye lid lash line. Use the bottom lash line as a guide bring the line out a bit for that cat eye look. At this point, you could make the line a bit thicker at the corner of the upper eye lid lash line. When doing this, create a triangle to meet with the line you created on the bottom, then fill in the remaining empty space with the liquid liner. Remember, the more you try this look on your eyes, the easier it will be to master it for next time. *Be careful not to get this liquid liner in your eyes.*