Makeup tip Monday: Less is more

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Photos: Joel Alexander

In case you’re on an exclusive Korean skin care regiment, beauty is in the eye of everyone that sees your radiant skin. This week on the blog, we experimented with the new Soko Glam beauty line. Co-founder Charlotte Cho released her book, The Little Book of Skin Care last week explaining her journey getting into the skin care world, which provides much inspiration and is an amazing read. The Little Book of Skincare exemplifies her passion for the art we all love and outlines why we should all adopt a skin care routine that works our lifestyle. During winter months, keeping healthy skin is extra challenging. With the help of The Little book of Skin Care, you are on the right track to figuring out your skin and keeping it beautiful through the winter.

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About face: If you’re into reading like myself, you will love Charlotte’s story mixed in with excellent tips and tricks. I won’t give too much away so you can enjoy your journey in skincare. Though I have used her tips this week, I will continue to treat myself to her amazing skin care regiment. Since I used the products and took time out for me, I saw a noticeable difference in the way my skin glows. The photos I’ve attached in the post are from the end of last week! I’ve been using less makeup since I’m so excited to show off the results.

  • Oil cleanser– Before trying the products, I never was interested in using an oil based cleanser…little did I know the importance it can have on one’s complexion. The book explained why it was important to start off with that first, as it removes the dirt on your skin in a gentle way.
  • Exfoliation– Next, I used the exfoliator to break up the dirt and get rid of the dead skin. Unlike most exfoliators that help remove the unwanted layers of skin, I felt fresh and rejuvenated without the feeling of dryness lingering.
  • Green tea foaming cleanser– Who doesn’t love green tea? After this product, I already noticed such a difference in how soft my skin was.
  • Toner– The toner will make you glow, highlighting the complexion and shine of your natural skin tone. And we are only halfway through the treatment.
  • Oil based serum– I used this after the toner, and let it soak in. The oil based serum is great for softening up little fine lines.
  • Moisturizer– With SPF is key during the day.
  • Water gel– Soko Glam suggests you put a gel on the face before applying your makeup base.
  • Mask– Should be applied once a week.

There are a lot of steps to the process, but it’s well worth it. Check out Charlotte’s site SokoGlam and her book The Little Book of Skin Care for more tips.

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winter coats, winter fashion