LifeStyle: VansGirls Interview on Fall Fashion

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I mentioned on my INSTAGRAM the other day that Vans were the first shoe I ever wore when I started skateboarding. So, when they asked me for an inteview, I was more than happy to answer a few questions. Be sure to check out the VansGirls blog on Tumblr follow the fun! Enjoy!  

Photos: Gabe Vega

thania peck vansgirls thania peck vans girls

We asked some of the most stylish girls we know to tell us why fall fashion is just so good.

Falling for: Thania Peck of Catcher in the Style

What is your favorite thing about Fall?

Since, I can’t pick just one thing I love about the glorious crisp fall season; here are a few of my favorites. I go to New York for fashion week every year to cover the spring/ summer collections in the fall, I always look forward to that. While I’m there, I experience the quintessential ‘leaves changing’ scenario, which is great. Southern California really doesn’t get much change in seasons. In addition, I enjoy Disneyland with a pose of cool kids, pumpkin spice everything, Halloween, the start of snowboard season, and a delicious Thanksgiving dinner with my family. This year is special; I am a massive Hello Kitty fan and will be attending The Hello Kitty Convention in a couple weeks wearing my new Hello Kitty Vans shoes. The fall is looking quite bright over in my corner.

Do you have any style secrets for getting layering just right?

Oh yes, my secret art of fall layering has to begin with leggings. I mean how great are they? You can pair them under shorts, skirts, or they can just standalone in harmony alongside an over-sized sweater juxtaposed with a jacket. When I go back east for Fashion Week in Feb, it’s usually bone chillingly cold and a true test of mental aptitude. It’s imperative I bring a few pairs of leggings to wear under my jeans for survival of the bitter cold temperatures.

What’s the one article of clothing you can’t live without in the fall?

An article of clothing I can’t live without in the fall has to be socks. I like to think of myself as a sock connoisseur. Often times, they don’t match. I feel as though it makes for a slightly cool aesthetic, a metaphor for life if you will. Why limit myself to matching socks when I can explore pairing different colors together?

What’s next for you?

Although, I do not attend school, I do in fact actually read books. To be a good writer, I have to be a good reader. I’m always working on that craft. In addition, my brother and I are working on a music project, which we have been writing and recording. When the blog produces commercials with brands, we use our music. My blog, Catcher in the Style, is an ongoing project set on world take over.

Thania is wearing the Spectacle Sherpa Jacket, Yoshimi Legging, Sk8-Hi Zips, and Vans x Hello Kitty.

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