Lifestyle: PopSugars Guide to the World Cup final’s Sexy Players

Well, my favorite teams I love didn’t make it to the World Cup final, but doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the boys in the game. Here is a nice look and all the sexy boys from both Germany and Argentina courtesy of PopSugar

On a scale from one to really, really hot, the players on Germany’s and Argentina’s World Cup teams are, well, really, really hot. Not only are the players good athletes, but they’re also good-looking, and if there were a bracket to choose the hottest team, Germany and Argentina probably could have vied for that title, too. Over the past few weeks, soccer fans have been on an emotional roller coaster, but at this point, even if your favorite team is no longer playing, these hot athletes offer some very handsome reasons to tune in and root for Germany or Argentina. So ahead of this Sunday’s buzzed-about World Cup final, take a look at some of the sexiest players from each team!

Source: Getty