Lifestyle: 24 off social media with PopSugar and ABC’s comedy Selfie.

We live in a social media obsessed society. Quintessentially, when we open one app, it’s like you can have a glimpse of 100 people’s lives in seconds. That is like a different reality show instantaneously. A refreshing twist came about a week ago. On a regular Tuesday, I was asked, “Go 24 hours without social media.” Until watching ABC’s hilarious comedy Selfie, I would have never felt compelled to indulge in an actually much needed social media cleanse. I saw how much I could relate to Eliza, and maybe it was time for a change in the normal daily life. The character Eliza is a social media obsessed, self-indulgent selfie taking sales girl.

We never think we are as bad as the character on the TV show, but maybe we slightly are. So, when I was asked to participate in the social media cleanse by ABC and PopSugar Select, I said yes with open arms. I figured it would be an easy cakewalk for me, because I didn’t feel like I was that obsessed with my social media.  As the target day approached where I had to put away all social media for 24 hours, I was prepping for the inevitable.

I figured “business as usual!”, with days that usually start off in bed, checking social media, to getting ready for the day, possibly taking a selfie, edit photos, write content and see feedback. This day was much different, I woke up to grabbing my phone and stopping myself, (this went on all day). I was obsessed with wondering what was going on with it on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest. Yes, I disconnected myself from my phone, but it was like a breakup. I thought about it all day.

The last time I got the same feeling when I was in Shanghai, China at the beginning of the year for project meetings. We had limited social media, and little to no internet. That time, I just ended up taking photos of the city. This was worse because I had to force myself not to use the phone. I noticed my addiction to my phone and everything it pertains to was real.  My social media cleanse day was spent hanging with my family. If they were talking to me, they had all my attention. I had more time to think clearer to do my own things. Everyone I met with while on the cleanse, was surprisingly pleasant to chat with. I needed to let loose and couldn’t do it via my social media, so I had real social interactions with people, in real time.

It was a trying 24 hours. I was happy to be back on all social media just to find all my notifications.  I noticed when I got used to not looking at my phone, I was living my life. Things around me, I was truly aware of everything. My lessons from the cleanse were to make myself more available when I’m engaging with people around me and not everyone needs to know everything that comes to my mind. When you watch the Premiere of Selfie ( this Tuesday Sept 30th 8pm/7pm Central, remind yourself to live in the moment. I challenge all of you  to 24 hrs without the phone!!  Let me know how it goes.

Popsugar, ABC's show Selfie

“Disclosure: This post was sponsored by ABC through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about ABC Selfie, all opinions are my own.”