Hair today…. gone tomorrow…

rockin thon

Yup….. It would be a dream to have my hair like this everyday. Well folks, that’s not the case. I have naturally curly hair. So when I wash my hair, I have this wild hair situation on my hands. My hair is more unpredictable than that Elephant I’m sitting on.

648_52964519074_3113869_n262_21148349074_5338_nWith that said, a couple years ago I thought about getting a Brazilian blow out. It sounded amazing, nice sleek flat hair all the time! Well, I ended up getting side tracked and forgot about the trend; and thank goodness for that. Turns out, it’s really bad and even banned in some countries. The product contains Amino Acids and Methylene Glycol, used to straighten frizzy hair.  When heated it emits Formaldehyde gas.  The federal government listed formaldehyde as a carcinogen last year. Stylists were receiving nose bleeds, breathing problem and eye irritations from the product. The makers of Brazilian Blow Out settled a 4.5 million dollar class action lawsuit last year.

My point is… Always do your own research on new products and trends on the market. When I want my hair straight, I just use my trusty Chi flat iron. Another good flat iron is the Hai brand. Heat isn’t very good for the hair, but its better then chemicals. We’re always quick to change our hair style, clothing style, etc.  More often then not, its just much easier to leave things au natural. XOXO