Fashion: The Essential Women’s Trench Coat!

The classic Trench coat is a great staple to anyone’s wardrobe male or female. It’s a great piece to accent any outfit. They always look really professional and classy. Trench coats can be worn with a cute dress or jeans and some light layers.

When I was in New York City, It was pretty chilly so, I wore a few more layers. I still wear my coat in the summer when I travel to colder places like San Francisco. Below, you’ll find an example of how I’d pair it in SF.

Photos: Scott Furkay

Trench/ denim shirt/ tank /Jeans/ socks /shoes /

My scarf is vintage. Below, I’ll post other ones I’d wear with this look.

scott furkay burberry catcher in the style

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Thania Peck burberry

The trench in San Fran

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Catch some of these look options for yourself!

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