Fashion: New York Fashion Week Shows in Review

During glorious fashion week, I hit up a ton of shows and presentations. Here are some of the trends and outfits from the shows that I really liked.  Oh, Fashion Week, how I miss thee! Some of the designers have their entire collection posted so, click on the links to see more.


Loved the mixed prints with waxed denim. This is one rising star brand to watch.

Koonhor New York fashion week

Koonhar New York fashion week



Loved the hats, the bold colors, knee high boots on were on point,  and the over-sized coats of this collection.

Tibi New York fashion week Tibi New York fashion week


Calla Paris

This lines presentation at Milk Studios was totally my style. Large prints on the dresses. They had a cute baby blue suit that I could not keep my eyes off. I loved all the white little collars on the dresses as well. Nice work Calla.

Calla Paris Calla Paris (1)


Robert Geller

This Men’s wear collection had great muted neutrals mixes and crazy neoprene jackets. All the models hats looked like toy soldiers. Unique nonetheless. Saw J.R Smith sitting court side of this show.

Robert Geller Robert Geller



This collection was the sexiest I saw from the entire week. My favorite pieces were the dresses with the beautiful crochet cut outs. The hair was amazing, all the girls had super long pony tails. By far one of my favorites.

Meskita New York fashion week Meskita New York fashion week Meskita New York fashion week


Karolyn Pho

I love the simple clean pieces of this collection. The models wore socks with sandals which I thought was different, it went nice with the look though. I really liked the eye make-up on the models, light smokey eye.

karolyn pho karolyn pho


When I think of this show, I just smile. It was a ray of light. The collection looked more like punk rock spring experience, with all the bright colors, and big mixed prints. Even bright Fur! These were some of my favorite looks. I saw Bill Cunningham also at this show, that was cool.


libertine 4

libertine 3 (1) libertine (3) libertine (1)

Concept Korea

Between K-pop music and crazy awesome unique style Korea is pushing forward  to make their mark in music and fashion world-wide. The government of Korea sponsored show, was 4 Korean designers in one, Men’s wear and woman’s wear.  Boom, 48 looks just like that. Really cool idea and even cooler fashion.

Kaale Eisuktae

This line was really dark, goth and a bit mysterious. Really cool. Great coats!

Kaale Eisuktae (1) Kaale Eisuktae

Choi Boko

This line was a bit more light and feminine. Clean lines and big prints.

Choi Boko 2 Choi Boko

Ko Tae Yong

Great Men’s wear line. Really hip.

Ko Tae Yong Ko Tae Yong www.catcherinthestyle.com3

Big Park

This line had more of a dope vibe. Sneakers with skirts K-pop style.

Big Park 3 Big Park 1

Thanks to all the wonderful designers for having me! xoxo