Style: Catching up with Hottie Stylist Johnny Wujek

 Between filming his second season of American’s Next Top Model cycle 20, jet setting with clients Katy Perry, Nikki Minaj (just to name a few), and creative directing his first jewelry collection with Rose Pierre, superstar stylist Johnny Wujek took a moment to catch up with us on life, fashion trends and pursuit of happiness. Enjoy! 

What are some trends you are loving right now?

I’m loving mixing prints. All the digital prints that are happening right now are super fun and very NOW. Mary Katranzou, Givenchy, etc…And I love all these big statement sunnies the kids are wearing.

Eric Bledsoe in Givenchy

Eric Bledsoe in Givenchy


Adam Katz-Sinding for Le 21ème. Gaoxie Xionan Paris Fashion Week Fall Winter 2013-2014

Who are the biggest influences in your life?

The people talking to me inside my head.

Where do you draw your inspiration for your designs?

It really depends on the project itself. I dig deep inside my mind and BAM, there it is. I love google as well and old fashion books, photographers, movies… Basically, it comes from all over. Even my 8-year-old god-daughter inspires me! I love you LONDON!

Favorite designers and why?

Mary Katranzou because she paved the way, THE NEW WAY. Giles Deacon and Christopher Kane because they push it just enough. Giambattista Valli , Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, Bottega, Blumarine and Dior (love Raf Simmons) because they’re all feminine and beautiful. Gaultier because he’s a genius. PaCeline because it’s chic. Versace and Pucci because it exudes SEX. Chanel, BECAUSE DUH, it’s Chanel. And I love me some Balmain. For it’s ROCK n ROLL edge.

What do you love most about your job?

Everyday is a new adventure. I love the traveling and being able to bring my imagination and ideas to life. I mean, I get to play dress up all the time.

What has been the best adventure you have recently been on?

Sweden. What a beautiful country. Shooting cycle 20 of Americas Next Top Model in BALI, was an amazing experience.

What are some essentials you must have when travelling?

  • Trimmers, I grow a beard over night.
  • Wet Wipes because YOU KNOW WHY.
  • A good book to pass the time while JET LAGGED.
  • Passport of course.
  • Good headphones.
  • Cozy sweats.
  • And of course, a collection of my custom hats, related to wherever or whatever I am working on. JUANNA BE?

What has been the most memorable experience in your life thus far?

Raising a child with my best friend. It has really put things into perspective.

What was the moment you realized this was what you wanted to do in your life?

When I was 7 dressing up in my grandmother’s closet. The way I felt in her clothes and working with her clothes. I’ve always been into fashion, and when I was younger I would take dance classes and think to myself, “I would twerk the hell out of these costumes if I had the chance.” Haha.

Any advice you can give to people aspiring to work in the fashion industry?

  • JUST DO IT. 
  • Assist for free.
  • Get experience.
  • Produce your own shoots.
  • Build a book.
  • Get an agent and network your a$$ off.
  • And make sure you get style! IT’s important to really understand it.

I love your style so much, where do you get your personal style inspiration from?

I grew up in the midwest so I feel like I have that bit of midwest lumber jack in me but also the flash and jazz of dapper, that makes me want to dress up now and then. Clothes make you feel a certain way and it’s all about dressing for the part. “Who do I feel like being that day.”?


How do you stay in such great shape travelling so much?

Discipline. It’s not easy. I have THE WORST sweet tooth. I love coca cola and all things bad for you. Keep me away from craft services (donuts, candy, etc)

Favorite places to eat?

  • Sushi Time in LA.
  • Taco Bell anywhere.
  • Ippudo in NYC.
  • Coney Island in MICHIGAN.

Favorite things to cook?

Anything breakfast. Pancakes, eggs, bacon, the early easy stuff. I love me some baking! I can do a dessert like it’s nobodies business!

You are one of the most down to earth guys I know for having all this amazing success in your career, how do you remain so humble?

It’s the midwest in me. To come from a small town, to such a big city and be part of something so big, is overwhelming. I am still just ME. Life is exciting, but things can change on a dime. It’s all about cherishing and making the most of the NOW. I’m a LUCKY duck. Very thankful for all the amazing things that have come my way. I wanna share it all with the ones I love, the ones that have been there and supported me along this journey that is my LIFE.

Favorite music you enjoy listening to right now?

Lorde, Royals, The ROYALS. The original version is good but the Remix by Thomas Jack quicky remix is real GOOD. Love Beyoncé’s new song, Grown Women. Also love RAC, Rhye, and wait till you hear Katy’s new music, it’s on another level.