Best Skin Hydration Products

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Are you ready for a rock star summer filled with travel adventures? Well, so are we, but before all the fun we got to dial in our skin regime.

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Harsh summer conditions can take a toll on otherwise lovely skin. Thankfully for us, L’Occitane has a fantastic new line called the Aqua Reotier products for your summer skin routine. The hyaluronic acid helps leave skin moisturized, but not oily.
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That is a significant plus during these next few months. The product gives off the perfect amount of dewy glow which is major.
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One thing to remember is if you think your skin is oily but it also feels dry, your body could be compensating for dehydration. You need to try a few of my tips below to find that happy balance for your face.
The new release compiled of AQUA gel cleanser, AQUA moisture essence, AQUA thirst quench gel, AQUA thirst quench cream, and AQUA moisturizing mist have been my new travel companions.
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The AQUA mist is ideal for plane rides when your skin starts feeling tight and needs a little pick me up.  When I did the entire routine for the first time, I noticed my skin’s immediate brilliance. The significant part of this collection is it’s not only great for hydration the sourced ingredients from a mineral spring in France contain a high level of calcium which helps lock in moisture in the skin.
My secret to rich year-round glow is I always use a thick toner before my moisturizer. Your skin will absorb it so when you put your cream on your skin, and it reduces the feeling of dryness throughout the day. Also, washing your face with cold water helps reduce drying out your face. AQUA Moisture essence is excellent before you put moisturizer on. The AQUA Gel cleaner creates a silky smooth after effect on the skin which I loved. As far as choosing either the AQUA Cream or Gel moisturizer it depends on where I am in the world and how humid it is outside.
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I live in New York City, and If I know it’s going to be a sticky day out, I’ll choose to wear the gel moisturizer that day instead of the cream. It’s a little lighter. See what works for your skin. From my home to my travels this is my go-to for great summer skin!
The thing I always love about L’Occitane is how involved they are in being an ethically Eco-friendly company. They help upkeep the areas where they source their products ingredients.

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