Behind Catcher in the Style, Inc.

Thania Peck is a Fashion/Beauty industry content creator, the creative director of Catcher in the Style, an activist for sustainability, and an advocate for a climate positive fashion and beauty industry. She started modeling before creating her lifestyle and fashion blog. Her blog not only emphasizes her love of fashion but also her passion for philanthropy. Intending to spread love and positivity, Thania serves as an ambassador to four youth charities, is a mentor, and a nonprofit volunteer.  She is a UN partner and works closely with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, is an organizer for Plus1Vote, on the advisory board of the New Fashion Initiative, and a Remake World ambassador. Her work with major fashion and beauty brands as a strategic partner in sustainable practices has made her a dominant voice in the fashion and beauty industry movement of sustainability. This year she’s working on public policy with goals to create a circular fashion industry and greater transparency for consumers. Follow her @catcherinthestyle on Instagram. 

"There's only one very good life and that's the life you know you want and you make it yourself" -Diana Vreeland