Constantly searching for products to give you that silky/sleek hair or glistening/soft skin? Yeah, tell me about it.. After spending hundreds if not thousands on numerous “beauty products” we can proudly say that you can find allllllll you’re body’s needs in ONE jar. Coconut oil my friends, is natures BEST kept secret. Especially if you have sensitive skin like us. It acts as a body moisturizer for your skin all the way from your face to your toes. As it sinks into your skin, you’ll develop this healthy sheen that doesn’t just wipe off  like most lotions/oils do, this glow stays for days!! Also use it in your hair after a hot shower, let it sit for 10-30 minutes… (I really don’t think you can overdue it on the time) and simply rinse it out. Your hair will be silky smooth, smelling great and shining just like your skin! I noticed a drastic difference in my hair, skin and cuticles after using it only a week and when I was constantly being asked what my secret was, I knew I had found a winner!

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Oh and don’t forget that Coconut oil is a great go to oil for cooking. Its a “stable fat” which means it will actually aid in weight loss and help fight infections in the body. Plus, it will enhance the flavor of your food in a way that other oils can’t.


Just another tip for you all, I personally love bringing my coconut oil into the sauna with me. I lather it on from head to toe and let it absorb into my skin for a little deeper moisturizing. Also the smell of it just puts me into a deeper state of relaxation. We HIGHLY recommend trying this ladies AND gentlemen.


Coconut Oil solidifies and hardens very quickly in the jar so just scoop out the desired amount and rub in palms until it starts to melt again. Also, if you choose to use it in the sauna, just bring the container in with you and let it melt on its own while you relax. Easy peasy… Enjoy!!

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