Beauty: Target Beauty Premium Skin Care Launch and Product review!

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These dry days of summer can be a real Debbie damper on an otherwise pristine skin care regiment. Thank fully, for all of us, Target has decided to take on the most amazing line of premium beauty products. I was lucky enough to be invited by Target Beauty, to the elegant garden launch party hosted by Caravents. Everything was so beautifully curated. From our gorgeous colorful lunch we ate, to the educational details of what a good morning, daytime and evening skin care process will do to turn around troubled skin. I learned so much!


Over the past few weeks, I have tested a few new products from Target’s premium line. I actually saw a difference in my skin 3 days into using the new products. It’s been 3 weeks now and my skin has never been smoother and more radiant.


I have sensitive skin and the experts at Target Beauty recommended Lydia Mondavi’s 29 line for my skin. I’ve been using Lydia Mondavi’s line 29 cosmetics for my night crème, day time moisturizer and skin serum. I haven’t tried her face wash yet, but her line I have tried has been great thus far. Very gentle and works great on my skin. For face wash, I wanted to try something new that won’t dry out my skin. So, I went with Vichy three in one cleanser. You don’t need to use water with this one, you put it on your face, wipe it off with tissue. Call me old school, but I still like using water with it. Vichy three in one is different, if you aren’t used using a product like this. It’s thick and you will still feel the residue on your skin after the wash. That actually helps keep the skin moisturized. You may also want to pick up the Borghese exfoliate if you love the scrub feel. For those of you looking for a stronger anti-aging suggestion, they have the MD complete line that is supposed to work wonders for the fine lines and wrinkles.

If you have questions about what will work for your skin, ask the skin care experts at Target next time you go shopping! xoxo

Thanks Target and Caravents for having me!

Now, I’m off to the Maxim top 100 party. Night night beauties.

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