Twilight Tuesday: Comic Con 2013

wonderingVisions of Wonder Woman at 2013 Comic Con came true for many. 

If you were a super hero, who would you choose to be? Well, for me that question was a no brainer. I choose Wonder Woman, of course. With that said, every year my brother Zane Peck and I take to the street of Comic Con to get as many free random items as we can, mix with fellow nerds, talk comics, play video games and get sneak previews of the newest awesome movies and shows coming out. If you aren’t into any of that, you may just want to check it out anyway to have the experience. Halloween has nothing on this awesome 4 day party. Here is a little peek at our weekend.streets


Wonder Woman’s Mom Athena

Some of that Justice League

Some of that Justice League

Ghost Busters

Ghost Busters

Mini Me

Mini Me




Donny and the Star Wars robes!

adult happy swim

Nice little relaxation area. Thanks to Adult Swim.

lou and I

Oh, Hi Lou AKA The Hulk

Wonder Woman rules!

Wonder Woman rules!


Comic Con 2013 kicked off with a free show by electronic music DJ Dillion Francis at Petco, followed by awesome fireworks. AMC and Hyundai had the best party for The Walking Dead outdoor party with zombies and all Weezer, then a DJ killed the dance floor. One zombie almost ate my ear off. We hit up Universal’s and Axe’s Kick Ass 2 party, The Bates Motel Party and NerdHQ all really fun! The party with zombies, blew the other parties away.



My friend James and I really ‘killed’ that dance floor with the zombies!

style comic 2

Comic con cool street style!

style comic

More cool Comic Con street style!

We ate at some yummy places too! If you are in San Diego you have to check out Bang Bang its super awesome! Food is amazing, and happy hour on Tuesday’s all night. Plus, they have an awesome Hello Kitty bathroom!

bang bang bang bang 2

Another amazing place we ate at every night in San Diego was Berkeley’s Pizza. You have to eat there, it’s my favorite pizza place Your taste buds  will thank you.

The awesome good photos are by : Zane Peck

Thanks to all my friends that hung out this weekend it was a blast!