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Proof_Catcherinthestyle_0711 Proof_Catcherinthestyle_0696 Proof_Catcherinthestyle_0694 Proof_Catcherinthestyle_0686 Proof_Catcherinthestyle_0684This amazing Lost for her skirt can be dressed up or down. The first few color pictures we paired it with a cute Mimi Chica brand top sold at Nordstrom, and a crochet pair of shorts made by Lost for her followed by some converse chucks. You too can look dreamy dancing in the desert. 🙂

For our next look with the skirt we paired it with a jeweled crop top and some heels. You could wear a little white button up over the jeweled crop and unbutton it a little for a classic sexy look.

This skirt and shorts can be found at http://catalystshop.com/