Travel: Beach days hanging tough Cardiff, California

We had the most beautiful day on Saturday down in Cardiff with some good ol’ friends. The weather here has been extremely warm. So, basically, it’s suns our bums out time. There is no place we’d rather be than hanging in the sand catching up with awesome humans.

My suit is by Lychee SwimWear and hat by Marciano.



When I first got to the beach, I had such a hard time finding my gorgeous babe friend, Allison. The beach was so packed, I felt like it was fourth of July and I was losing confidence in finding her. As I thoroughly combed those beach lands in search of her, what I did stumble upon were some of our adorable guy friends playing soccer.  Eventually, I found Allison, brought her to the crew and we all lived happily ever after experiencing in the most amazing beach day we could ever ask for.

The End.
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