Events: Thanks Bollare for an amazing event!

Thania Peck La mer Collection Watches

A few days ago, I attended the Fall Forward event held by Bollare at their new show room in Beverly Hills. It was such a blast. I Had my hair braided at the custom braid bar by the lovely Marissa Montoya and tested some N.4 hair care goodness. I also previewed some new fall 2014 product lines, ate yummy cup cakes and made a rad watch by La Mer Collections (featured above).  They have some of the best looking watches I’ve seen in a while.

Thania Peck Bollare N.4 hair care

Electric Eyewear PreviewElectric Eyewear Preview

Style WhileStyle While

La Mer Collections La Mer Collections

Thania Peck La Mer Collections watchesWhich La Mer Collection and Twist Band will be on your holiday wish list?