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A Rose Colored NYC life

Nothing can excite the eye more than seeing cute blush pink nuances sprinkled about town. So, what better time than any to roam, if you want to, with friends and find the perfect blush pink tones to shoot. We shopped the cutest vintage places in the lower east side and ate at some charming cafes in

Road trip beach Video Adventures Feeding The Soul

"Adventures feed the soul, and capturing those moments makes memories last forever" Video by Christiaan It's the cosmic love for the unknown the universe has bestowed on us all that leaves lasting hunger to seek adventures. A simple road trip here and there will open the mind's eye to the most profound creative visions. Give

How to on Pairing Monochromatic Wedge Heels.

The look: Timeless classics in monochromatic tones.  Sweeping through, like a beautiful massive beach swell of waves, are burnout pattern skirts and knit tops. Pair it with your favorite two-tone monochrome wedges, you've got yourself a lovely chic look to lounge around anywhere in the world. Preferably beaches or coffee shops, actually a beach with

Try These Lovely ideas for Summer Sandal Essentials.

When a world traveler embarks on their journey like a barista makes latte's, they need essential tools to survive the adventures that await. Today on the blog we showcase a couple of travel necessities, a basic how to on pairing gold accented heels and flats to inspire your summer vacation outfits. The look: The Classic Romper paired

Seeing Disney’s Cinderella twice in one week will inspire you.

Fairy tales aren't just for movies. The magic of Disney's Cinderella can inspire real life circumstances. Naturally, humans perpetually complicate the most transparent situations. We learn a few things to apply in our walking lives from Cinderella. You don't need an enchanted forest to have courage, be kind, live a simple life, and treated everyone with the

Fashion: Stunning monochromatic look for Valentines!

Pondering the parallels between Grace Kelly and monochrome in some vibrantly colorful streets of Los Angeles downtown art district, created an undoubtingly strong lust for a chic simple Valentines day look, in the otherwise bustling streets.  This untraditional Valentine's day option is bound to turn heads. Sweater // Shoes // Skirt // Nails Photo: Tim Regas [show_shopthepost_widget

New York Fashion Week inspired look!

  New York Fashion week is fast approaching, so what better time than now to figure out looks for the shows?!  Union & Fifth, a trailblazing nonprofit designer online consignment store, who gives fashion a home in philanthropy by giving 100% of proceeds to charity, asked how I'd pair a vintage quilted blue Chanel bag,

LifeStyle: 21 ways to keep that Holiday Spirit going

The holiday season is a beautiful time filled with the utmost togetherness. The smell of pine trees in homes and observing the moments of selflessness leaves lasting heartwarming impressions. It's a wonder how we can't just create a society based on positivity with an organic thoughtful nature all year round. Well, as a holiday spirit

Fashion: Menswear for Women…. Wednesday!

Menswear for Women.... Wednesday While at the SOHO House in LA chatting over tea with an Italian friend of mine, my gaze quickly set on a familiar face. That face was none other than a great long time friend of mine, curator of TheLDYBOYproject, Tara Nichols. Wegot to chatting about doing a project together and days later

Beauty: Simple Cure for Thirsty Lips

Beauty: Thirsty Lips Thursday Winter months are trying times for lushious soft lips. If you're suffereing from incredibly chapped lips, this maybe your favorite sweet simple  solution. DIY: Take a tablespoon of melted cocount oil mix it with a tablespoon of brown sugar. You can add rosemary, ground cinnamon, or lemon for a different dynamic. Take

Fashion: Chat Dans Les Bottes

As I wake from my evening slumber to harsh blinding sun rays engulfing my tired eyes, I ponder on my day's outfit. At the development stages of any great foundation, the groundwork must be laid.  My methodical madness starting off with my boots, to pairing the jeans (similar) with a top, then jacket (similar), and

Fashion: All that glisters is not gold

[quote text_size="small" author=" William Shakespeare"] All that glisters is not gold [/quote] Shoes// Jeans// Poncho// Bag Photo: Zane Peck In our case, what glitters is gold. Goldfinger, that ol' villain from the 1960's James bond movie, wasn't the only person who loves the majestic hue. He can just go ahead and compete with us for all

Fashion: Tips and Tribute to Comic Con 2014

Well, it's that time of year you nerds have all been waiting for. Yes, that's right, we are talking about Comic Con 2014. People come from all walks of life to let loose in whatever cosplay costume they have lying around,or have spent countless hours putting together. Here are some pointers from a vet: If

Fashion: That Hot South Beach Inspired Look

We aren't always vasting in the sun on those gorgeous white sand beaches of South Beach. Just because you aren't there, doesn't mean you can't pull off a cute South beach inspired look. Recently, I've been rocking one piece suits when hitting the pool parties and beach. One piece suits are ever so stylish. This 1960's

Music: Catching up with Zack Merrick from All Time Low!

Yay! I'm really excited now to bring you guys this interview.  It's actually with one of my favorite humans, my best friend Zack. He is the bassist for pop punk band All Time Low and just rad. Thanks so much to Zack for doing this Catcher in the Style  interview while touring the world! Safe Travels