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shoe dazzle

Fashion: Chat Dans Les Bottes

As I wake from my evening slumber to harsh blinding sun rays engulfing my tired eyes, I ponder on my day's outfit. At the development stages of any great foundation, the groundwork must be laid.  My methodical madness starting off with my boots, to pairing the jeans (similar) with a top, then jacket (similar), and

Fashion: Love Lace with Woven Heels

All that we are is the result of what we think. Instead of thinking hateful thoughts change them to positive thoughts. Hatred can never put an end to hatred; hate is conquered only by love. Regardless, of what has happen in your past, move forward to love and light. As you love this look, tell

Fashion: Nice Day for an all White Wednesday!

The hottest summer color, in my opinion, has to be white. I mean why not, right?! It's clean, simple, and timeless. In these hot summer months it even feels lighter.  Also, looks great against that summer sun-kissed skin. Here, I give you my boho chic look with this dress by O'neill Woman's that paired with some strappy

Fashion: That Hot South Beach Inspired Look

We aren't always vasting in the sun on those gorgeous white sand beaches of South Beach. Just because you aren't there, doesn't mean you can't pull off a cute South beach inspired look. Recently, I've been rocking one piece suits when hitting the pool parties and beach. One piece suits are ever so stylish. This 1960's