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Today’s Catch of the day- Acid Wash Edition

Hello Friends! Hope everyone is having a great day.  Today's outfits is as follows, acid wash vest, black leggings, and my flat leather ankle boots. Very casual but, yet still cute. You could pair the vest with colored legging or jeans as well. I choose to go with black.Anyway, below I left you the links…

Catch of the Day: Photography

Taking up photography wasn't any easy task. Then again, when things come easy in life, we usually take it for granted. Since we bought this camera, everyone around us has been forced to learn photography.  HAHAHAA! Its been cool to see  the moments people have been capturing when they shoot with film. We take shots…

The Secret to a Monumental Winter Workout!

We can all relate, working out can be a hard self-motivated activity. The secret to a monumental winter workout plan is, drag your friends with you. Make it fun with hikes, the gym, or snowboarding. If you have a good crew the entire group will be in shape together in no time! In doing this,…