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good music

Music: Mondays Brought to you by TV On the Radio

Last year, I saw one of the guys from TV On the Radio play a side project in Brooklyn with a couple friends. Needless to say, it was quite magical. This band needs no intro. They just inspired me to have a kick ass week! I hope this song does the same for you.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1-xRk6llh4…

Music: Take a listen to Coachella artist Chvrches

My friend Robbie put me on to this Scottish band Chvrches, he saw them for the first time last year in London and they have gained momentum ever since.  I can't stop listening to them now either. Great synth-pop sound! They will be playing at Coachella this year  Enjoy! http://youtu.be/_mTRvJ9fugM…

Music/ Travel: The Coachella Experience

Amazing shot KVB! We have been out in the desert getting weird with our favorite friends. Nothing beats Coachella 2013 !! Lets go back!!! Amazing music!! Ahhh... Enjoy ;)  <3 Don't forget to look up at those trees...... ahhhh relaxing Mission: Operation Desert Storm Bethy and I getting rid of our tan lines, while watching…