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How to Style a HOBO Fringe bag.  

It's impossible to achieve a bohemian vibe in your wardrobe without a truly standout purse. Today, as we listen to Fleetwood Mac, we will showcase a couple of our favorite ways to pair a HOBO fringe bag. Be sure to check out hobo fringe shop for bags featured in today's post. Of course, we give

Everything For Your Weekend Road Trip to Palm Springs

    Palm Springs is a perfect place for a weekend getaway. It's just great thinking of this magical place. If you're looking for some mid-century modern Art Deco inspiration, this is the place for you. You can find art almost anywhere in Palm Springs. With the building designs colorful and the architecture so visually

Françoise Hardy Friday

Françoise Hardy Fridays!!!!  Sometimes you just need to wake up on a Friday and ask yourself, "How can I be more like style icon Françoise Hardy?" She mentioned, no one would have noticed her if she didn't have a distinct style of dress. We can all learn from that to make every outfit of the day

The perfect 1960’s inspired white jumpsuit for summer

“Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.” ― Coco Chanel, Chanel Jumpsuit  Photos: Gabe L'heureux (shot in downtown Los Angeles) Look no further my friends the perfect white jumper is here for your summer

Shining like a Rihanna Diamond in Yellow.

Find light in the beautiful sea. I choose to be happy. You and I, you and I We're like diamonds in the sky. Top Mara Hoffman// Skirt Vintage// Coat  Carolina Herrera //Glasses // Shoes  This winter, when the weather is so chilly that the sun won't even come out to play, choose a bold yellow statement piece and

Weekend Adventures to Mexico City

In the end, we only regret the things we didn't do. Traveling is the best way to get to know yourself, your friends, and experiences that last a lifetime.  It doesn't matter how you get there, only where you are headed! Get outside, go on road trips, make new friends and memories. This weekend photo

How to wear a Peter Pan Collar like a fashionista.

Wednesday Addams approved. December's always jam-packed with holiday parties. If you don't have time to go home change and head out again. Here's how to transition your outfit of the day, to a night masterpiece. This romper is perfect if you're at the office and find yourself getting into some holiday fun after. You can't go wrong

Hair: Oh, the Comb over

Oh, the comb-over! You have combed the lands a long way since the guys on Wall Street, your awkward university professor, and the notable not-so-fashion-inclined Donald Trump. More recently, we've seen the combover done with a more chic tasteful twist. Celebrities like Miley and David Beckham rock it effortlessly.  Redemption comes in many brush strokes, as this

How to pair your winter coat and look stylish.

Winter is coming... As summer and the colorful autumn leaves leave us out cold. Winter rears its ugly head, ever so suddenly. It's easy to get overwhelmed with what to wear for the winter months and still look stylish. You can pair your favorite summer jeans and t-shirt look with a statement jacket and vintage belt, for

New York Fashion Week part 1

New York fashion week came and gone so fast. But the memories we created last forever. It was more than just the clothing that made it special, it was the camaraderie between humans which made things very epic. Everybody supportive of everyone else and it wasn't about each person

Hair goals: Pony Tail Edition

A little Pony Tale . . . . How to achieve the most stunning high ponytail possible? Use shampoo and conditioner known for smoothing. Apply a heat protectant before blow drying and flat ironing. A good brush to get the real close hairs all in the same place. This brush also has a quick clean

New York Fashion Week Blues

Get the look: Now that Spring/Summer 16 shows at New York Fashion Week are over, we can start having the 'blues' transitioning our minds eye to dress for fall. Light pastels were hot on the runway and are a nice touch to a fall wardrobe. This baby blue neoprene dress is everything. Paired with a

More adventures from Nicaragua

Capture every moment as if it's your last. . . . . Unless of course you get to spend time with New York City-based photographer Josh Maready in Nicaragua like Dylana and I. In that case, just have him shoot the adventure at Aqua Wellness resort! Clothing: O'Neill Women’s Jewelry: My Jewel Bar Suits:  Anna Sui for

Barney’s New York Beverly Hills Gianvito Rossi Fall line.

"I'm inspired by the women that buy my shoes. I see everyone's comments and I love hearing their stories."  Gianvito Rossi Last week, we caught up with the unbelievably talented Milan based shoe designer, Gianvito Rossi at his packed Barney's New York fall line release event in Beverly Hills. He spoke about spending summer traveling with his