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In a New York City Minute Part 1

"Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day Fritter and waste the hours in an off-hand way" Pink Floyd With all due respect to that most amazing Pink Floyd classic 'Time'. We did anything but, have a dull day in New York City. With 48 hours to spare in the big city of lights,

Beauty: Make Up Tips Of The Week!

Oh, Spring.... Aren't you just amazing with your nice weather, gloriously energized music festivals, and aromatic flowers.  Blooming with the flowers, we have the bloom of amazing beauty trends. Here we have a fresh spring capture highlighting a really simple look you can do in a couple of minutes. If you'd like to have a

Fashion: All black Leather and Lace dress

This season, I'm in love with leather and lace. I have a couple of things in my wardrobe I wear to special occasions. It's always a great idea to get yourself pieces. Then, when you need to dress up, you don't have to stress, you have the perfect black dress and shoes ready to go. Just

Fashion: The Essential Women’s Trench Coat!

The classic Trench coat is a great staple to anyone's wardrobe male or female. It's a great piece to accent any outfit. They always look really professional and classy. Trench coats can be worn with a cute dress or jeans and some light layers. When I was in New York City, It was pretty chilly

Fashion: New York Fashion Week Shows in Review

During glorious fashion week, I hit up a ton of shows and presentations. Here are some of the trends and outfits from the shows that I really liked.  Oh, Fashion Week, how I miss thee! Some of the designers have their entire collection posted so, click on the links to see more. Koonhor http://www.koonhor.com/ Loved

Fashion: New York Street Style Printed Pants Edition

Among the gallows of ominous dark attire in New York City, I've chosen the bold odd man out look with my bright printed pants. I like to think it brightens the cold winter a bit. These pants are all the hot craze these days. Regardless, if you've chosen muted neutral for your go to staple

Fashion: Catch Her Adventures in Style at New York Fashion Week!

So much goes behind everything that makes up, New York fashion week. Society just gets to see a minor glimpse of what really goes on. Amongst the Magazines, bloggers, celebs, designers, buyers, fashion photographers, models, and larger than life parties, it’s all made to look quite effortless. In reality, this was the arctic challenge. Between

Fashion: Catching New York City Fashion week Street Style!

Cory Lake from Nike sporting some amazing new Nike's Just released super bowl weekend. These are sold out everywhere! Good luck on finding them. He's got really great all together with this look great choice mix of Denim, greens and browns. Faux Fur coats are a really popular look right now. Jenna Putnam, always looking

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