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How to Style a HOBO Fringe bag.  

It's impossible to achieve a bohemian vibe in your wardrobe without a truly standout purse. Today, as we listen to Fleetwood Mac, we will showcase a couple of our favorite ways to pair a HOBO fringe bag. Be sure to check out hobo fringe shop for bags featured in today's post. Of course, we give

New York Fashion Week- Dripping in Gold

From the Fashion week runways to the street style, metallics are dripping their way all around New York Fashion week. Photos courtesy of Elle UK About the look- Start your look from the shoe and build from there to create your outfit of the day. Take a feminine vintage 60's metallic dress to an edgy vibe with

The perfect 1960’s inspired white jumpsuit for summer

“Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.” ― Coco Chanel, Chanel Jumpsuit  Photos: Gabe L'heureux (shot in downtown Los Angeles) Look no further my friends the perfect white jumper is here for your summer

Two ways to Pair your Favorite Gladiator Sandals!

Variety is the spice of life, and nothing is spicier than a hot pair of snakeskin gladiator sandals. Here are two ways on how you can match your high gladiators by Shoedazzle better than a Spartan.  Photo: Grant Puckett The look: Hudson Denim short accented with a flare of leather fringe harmonized with a sheer

Fashion: Chat Dans Les Bottes

As I wake from my evening slumber to harsh blinding sun rays engulfing my tired eyes, I ponder on my day's outfit. At the development stages of any great foundation, the groundwork must be laid.  My methodical madness starting off with my boots, to pairing the jeans (similar) with a top, then jacket (similar), and

Fashion: Good bye Summer, Happy Fall Dressing

[quote text_size="small" author="Lana Del Rey"] Kiss me hard before you go Summertime sadness I just wanted you to know That, baby, you're the best[/quote] Hat // Dress // Ankle Boots Photos: Zane Peck Sadly, summer is over, but not to fret precious babes.  Grab those ankle boots, dresses, hats, sweaters and dance your little hearts

Beauty: Tip of the Week Lovely Coral Lip!

My gorgeous best friend Andi Elloway first opened my eyes to this trend of the matte coral lip. It's really so perfect for spring/ summer. You have your sultry red lip for going out at night and you have the coral for your day to day fun. Coral lip Envy! by catcherinthestyle featuring a cream

Fashion: Last Call, Who Wants More Printed Pants?

Yes, please! I would love more printed pants :) The louder the better, Thank You.  These jeans are really awesome. Very comfortable and the fit is great. Makes that booty stop traffic. For this look, I paired the jeans with a leather rocker vest and a black knit vintage tank. These days, its okay to

Fashion: I Woke Up Like This…. Look

This was my yesterdays look. The t-shirt I got in Hong Kong, and I can't find it in the states. So,  here is another tee that I really love! My sweater is super comfy and goes with everything. Another really popular trend now,  shoes with cutouts. I love them because,

Travel: Some Pictures from Hong Kong Last month!

Travel: Some Pictures from Hong Kong Last month!   Last month, I did a bit of travelling between Asia, California and New York. Here are some of my pictures from my trip as I explored some hotels of Hong Kong.  Lunch at the W Hotel Hong Kong, don't mind if I do! :) Good afternoon everyone. W

Fashion: The Essential Women’s Trench Coat!

The classic Trench coat is a great staple to anyone's wardrobe male or female. It's a great piece to accent any outfit. They always look really professional and classy. Trench coats can be worn with a cute dress or jeans and some light layers. When I was in New York City, It was pretty chilly

Thank You to all of you that support Catcher in the Style!

Thanks to all, I'm very inspired today!  Couple of people sent such touching emails, saying what an inspiration the blog is in their lives. I started this blog from a dream I had on an airplane coming back to California from New York. Now, with help from my great talented friends we create this imagery,

Style: Wearing Military Prints

Military prints have indeed invaded everything from Tee's, to pants, sunglasses and even shoes! This has to be one of my favorite prints to wear besides floral. I love to pair my camo print jacket with a black simple dress, thigh high socks, and my favorite ankle boots. When wearing prints you don't want the

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