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Coachella artist

Music from Coachella that makes me smile and day dream.

Into the wild world of a Musical Wednesday. In no particular order, are a few favorite Coachella 2015 artist that you should go see when they come to your town. The links will take you to my favorite videos from the artists. Jack White- A great show is where the audience leaves their everyday worries…

Music: Coachella 2015 artist St. Vincent

While writing my New York fashion week post inclusions, I couldn't help but realize I was listening to Coachella 2015 artist St. Vincent. It would behoove me to share the multifaceted talent with you. Her angelic voice has been a favorite of mine for a few years now. Hope you enjoy!   [slider navigation_style="arrows" custom_slider_transition="fade"] …

Music: Take a listen to Coachella artist Chvrches

My friend Robbie put me on to this Scottish band Chvrches, he saw them for the first time last year in London and they have gained momentum ever since.  I can't stop listening to them now either. Great synth-pop sound! They will be playing at Coachella this year  Enjoy! http://youtu.be/_mTRvJ9fugM…