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How to Style a HOBO Fringe bag.  

It's impossible to achieve a bohemian vibe in your wardrobe without a truly standout purse. Today, as we listen to Fleetwood Mac, we will showcase a couple of our favorite ways to pair a HOBO fringe bag. Be sure to check out hobo fringe shop for bags featured in today's post. Of course, we give

A Rose Colored NYC life

Nothing can excite the eye more than seeing cute blush pink nuances sprinkled about town. So, what better time than any to roam, if you want to, with friends and find the perfect blush pink tones to shoot. We shopped the cutest vintage places in the lower east side and ate at some charming cafes in

New York Fashion Week- Dripping in Gold

From the Fashion week runways to the street style, metallics are dripping their way all around New York Fashion week. Photos courtesy of Elle UK About the look- Start your look from the shoe and build from there to create your outfit of the day. Take a feminine vintage 60's metallic dress to an edgy vibe with

The perfect 1960’s inspired white jumpsuit for summer

“Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.” ― Coco Chanel, Chanel Jumpsuit  Photos: Gabe L'heureux (shot in downtown Los Angeles) Look no further my friends the perfect white jumper is here for your summer

Makeup tip Monday: Less is more

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Photos: Joel Alexander In case you're on an exclusive Korean skin care regiment, beauty is in the eye of everyone that sees your radiant skin. This week on the blog, we experimented with the new Soko Glam beauty line. Co-founder Charlotte Cho released her book, The Little

Hair goals: Pony Tail Edition

A little Pony Tale . . . . How to achieve the most stunning high ponytail possible? Use shampoo and conditioner known for smoothing. Apply a heat protectant before blow drying and flat ironing. A good brush to get the real close hairs all in the same place. This brush also has a quick clean

Makeup Tip Monday: Pacifica Beauty Top 30 Finalist!

It's an honor to announce the video my talented friend Dylan Bell and I made for the Pacifica beauty muse contest has made it among the top 30 beauty muse finalists. Thanks Pacifica for the opportunity to produce another video. To all my followers, the next round I will need all your help with votes. The

Fashion: How to get a grease inspired look.

Somewhere amidst New York and New Jersey, presumably listening to Ritchie Valens while switching back and forth between Marlon Brando and James Dean movies, there was Danny Zucco and the rest of the Greasers from Rydell High School. As visions of hot rods, red lips and drive in movie theaters consume your thoughts enjoy this

LifeStyle: 21 ways to keep that Holiday Spirit going

The holiday season is a beautiful time filled with the utmost togetherness. The smell of pine trees in homes and observing the moments of selflessness leaves lasting heartwarming impressions. It's a wonder how we can't just create a society based on positivity with an organic thoughtful nature all year round. Well, as a holiday spirit

Fashion: Menswear for Women…. Wednesday!

Menswear for Women.... Wednesday While at the SOHO House in LA chatting over tea with an Italian friend of mine, my gaze quickly set on a familiar face. That face was none other than a great long time friend of mine, curator of TheLDYBOYproject, Tara Nichols. Wegot to chatting about doing a project together and days later

Fashion: Cyber Monday Deals!

Hello my friends. If you are looking for some deals for Cyber Monday here are a few I found. Happy shopping everyone. Photo: Gabe Vega  [row cols_nr="2"] [col size="5 [row cols_nr="2"] [col size="6"] 6pm // Cyber Monday 15% off DATE: 11.30 – 12.1 CODE: 6PMCYBMON113020141535 adidas  // Cyber Monday Save up to $40 site-wide + free shipping DATE: 11.30-12.01

Beauty: Simple Cure for Thirsty Lips

Beauty: Thirsty Lips Thursday Winter months are trying times for lushious soft lips. If you're suffereing from incredibly chapped lips, this maybe your favorite sweet simple  solution. DIY: Take a tablespoon of melted cocount oil mix it with a tablespoon of brown sugar. You can add rosemary, ground cinnamon, or lemon for a different dynamic. Take

Fashion: Chat Dans Les Bottes

As I wake from my evening slumber to harsh blinding sun rays engulfing my tired eyes, I ponder on my day's outfit. At the development stages of any great foundation, the groundwork must be laid.  My methodical madness starting off with my boots, to pairing the jeans (similar) with a top, then jacket (similar), and

Fashion: All that glisters is not gold

[quote text_size="small" author=" William Shakespeare"] All that glisters is not gold [/quote] Shoes// Jeans// Poncho// Bag Photo: Zane Peck In our case, what glitters is gold. Goldfinger, that ol' villain from the 1960's James bond movie, wasn't the only person who loves the majestic hue. He can just go ahead and compete with us for all

Fashion: Army of Salvation ShoeDazzle Edition

My friends and I gathered together with a common goal in mind of travelling the most epic journey to Salvation Mountain. The next few post will take you on our adventures.  What we found out there was just incredible. Follow our crazy journey. Enjoy! Photographers: Gabe L'eureux, Robbie Sell, Zane Peck Bathing suit top (similar)/ Vintage skirt

Beauty: L’Oreal Beauty App Makeup Genius

This summer, L'Oreal is releasing a new beauty app which will be revolutionizing the beauty industry as we know it. When you take a selfie this app will let you try out some of L'Oreal's amazing products. You can select celebrity looks and the app with create the look on your face and you will