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How to Style a HOBO Fringe bag.  

It's impossible to achieve a bohemian vibe in your wardrobe without a truly standout purse. Today, as we listen to Fleetwood Mac, we will showcase a couple of our favorite ways to pair a HOBO fringe bag. Be sure to check out hobo fringe shop for bags featured in today's post. Of course, we give

Beauty: Tip of the Week Lovely Coral Lip!

My gorgeous best friend Andi Elloway first opened my eyes to this trend of the matte coral lip. It's really so perfect for spring/ summer. You have your sultry red lip for going out at night and you have the coral for your day to day fun. Coral lip Envy! by catcherinthestyle featuring a cream

Fashion: That Boyfriend Jeans Look

When I first saw the 'boyfriend jean' look hitting the streets, I wasn't sure if it would look good on me. Recently, I started rocking them  and now I just can't get enough. They are adorable and super comfortable. I usually pair them one of two ways. If I'm relaxing with my friends I wear

Beauty: Winter Hair and Skin care Hydration tips

Check out just some of my tips on having the best winter hair and skin hydration. Winter Skincare Hydration by catcherinthestyle featuring Eos These winter months can be very brutal to our skin. Here are some  of the products I use to keep my hair and skin hydrated. For my face, I start with a

Style: Nail Art with expert Anna Stimson

When going out we all know, having beautiful nails is über important for lasting impression. Clean, vibrant colors, on a nice manicure,  gives an outfit that extra special spark. With that said, we have an exclusive interview with my good friend, the beautiful and talented nail art expert, Anna Stimson.  You can catch her art

Makeup Tip Monday: Beauty’s Only Skin Deep

 Makeup tip Monday: Beauty's only skin deep. With that said, you can be the most beautiful person in the world, but if your personality doesn't match that, no makeup tip I can give you will ever suffice. Be positive, uplifting, smile a lot, and make the days happier for yourself and others around you.  There's

Makeup Tip Monday: Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski hands down is one of our favorite models. I had the pleasure of meeting her with some of our mutual friends a few months back. She's a total sweetheart and obviously a bad ass.  For this weeks makeup tip Monday, we are reposting an awesome interview she did for www.Intothegloss.com. EMILY RATAJKOWSKI, MODEL

Our Secret to Silky/Soft Skin

Ever find yourself constantly having to reapply lotion? That's because there's many ingredients in lotions (fragrance for example) that will actually cause your skin to dry out. Your best bet is to use a one-ingredient, natural moisturizer to really keep your skin hydrated. Cocoa Butter helps to retain moisture and will makes your skin look and