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Travel: Beach days hanging tough Cardiff, California

We had the most beautiful day on Saturday down in Cardiff with some good ol' friends. The weather here has been extremely warm. So, basically, it's suns our bums out time. There is no place we'd rather be than hanging in the sand catching up with awesome humans. My suit is by Lychee SwimWear and…

Travel: California Beach days of January!

California beach days in January! At this time of year, you could usually find Sanoe and I in the mountains snowboarding. Since, the weather has been an extremely warm this winter we've just been chilling at the beach! Can't complain really about the beach days of winter. My Suit…

Beauty tip: Coconut Oil

Constantly searching for products to give you that silky/sleek hair or glistening/soft skin? Yeah, tell me about it.. After spending hundreds if not thousands on numerous "beauty products" we can proudly say that you can find allllllll you're body's needs in ONE jar. Coconut oil my friends, is natures BEST kept secret. Especially if you…