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How would you describe your style? People whom inspire me the most currently, are my friends and family. They all work so hard and motivate me in unique ways for various reasons. You don’t have to look far to find inspirations in life. Often times, we just have to look at things around us with a different perception, dare to be take risks, create the vision, and capture the moments, then simply be inspired.
thania peck- catcher in the style
Favorite item you own?  My favorite item I own right now has to be my camera strap, I bought it at a second-hand camera shop. It goes quite nice with all my attire. I’ve gotten really into my Nikon FM10 film camera, I enjoy taking behind the scenes shots on my shoots, just get a different perspective on things. There’s just something very magical about film.

Who is your Style Icon? It’s not really the items you have in your closet its how you pair them together, like a puzzle. With that said, I have many style icons I look up to, I suppose we all do. I like them for unconventional reasons. Miuccia Prada is one of my favorite style icons, because she got her Ph.D.  in political science and I love politics. Also, if you notice her lines differ from other high-end brands. She tends to throw random bright prints or bold colors in her fall lines, while other designers lines are usually muted colors. I just think that is so great. I’ll just go in the Prada store to look at colors paired together. Diana Vreeland is an icon of mine as well, for the reason that she always kept youth at the fore front of her ideology. To this day her ideas she implemented changed fashion and culture to what we have today. Some people just have that vision.

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