Style: Men’s wear with Ultra Babe Ben Bowers

We searched high and low to find this weeks perfect men’s wear muse. Obviously, we figured, male models have some of the best style,  since it’s the nature of their job. Luckily, we were able to get some pointers from the face of  Lucky Brand, supermodel Ben Bowers. Big thanks to Ben for taking a moment to catch up with us on his life, style and travels.

Lucky Brand Ben Bowers

1. So, Ben, do you have anyone you look to for style tips?

I follow a few blogs for styling tips.. mostly use instagram for inspiration.
But, someone in particular I look up to is, David Gandy. He has a classy, manly style, not the normal model look.
 Ben Bowers Ben Bowers
 Ben Bowers
2.  How’s New York been treating you?
New York has treated me surprisingly well.
I found some nice friends who introduced me to a very hip & fun church that I fell in love with.
Work has been coming randomly & slowly mostly because of the holidays, but it’ll pick up.
 Ben Bowers
 Ben Bowers
3. What’s your favorite mag?
I don’t read magazines I read the news paper. 😉
Probably Details, Esquire & GQ.. Whichever has the most cologne rip outs as I’m obsessed with perfumes. lol!!
 Ben Bowers
4.  As far as working out what is your routine like what do you eat?
I eat clean and train very very hard… but drink a lot /:
All organic (whole foods) – yes I can cook!
 Ben Bowers Ben Bowers
5. Any products you use and love for like hair and skin?
Aquaphor for my lips
Ben Bowers
6. What girls have the best style in your opinion and why?
Any girl in fashion has a rare and unique style that’s quite attractive..
I like a girl with several “outfits”
Outfit for the gym, Outfit for a bar, For a nice dinner, Outfit to bed & her outfit for a walk around the neighborhood.
Ben Bowers
7. What’s your favorite band?
Now that everyone’s heart skipped a beat, go ahead and follow him for more style inspirations!
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