Seeing Disney’s Cinderella twice in one week will inspire you.

Fairy tales aren’t just for movies. The magic of Disney’s Cinderella can inspire real life circumstances. Naturally, humans perpetually complicate the most transparent situations. We learn a few things to apply in our walking lives from Cinderella. You don’t need an enchanted forest to have courage, be kind, live a simple life, and treated everyone with the utmost respect.   Theses are the basic principles you need to award a life of happiness in the end. 

Imagine, you stumble upon a fairy godmother, aka Asos and turn into the most beautiful princess meandering about the lands. Feeling so elegant wearing the enchanting blue dress, you’d surely catch a prince charming’s eye. This celestial dress by Asos, can’t help but be twirled. Hope everyone’s beautiful Monday lives happily ever after. The End.



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