Our Secret to Silky/Soft Skin


Ever find yourself constantly having to reapply lotion? That’s because there’s many ingredients in lotions (fragrance for example) that will actually cause your skin to dry out. Your best bet is to use a one-ingredient, natural moisturizer to really keep your skin hydrated. Cocoa Butter helps to retain moisture and will makes your skin look and feel velvety soft. Also it works as a tan enhancer and will leave your skin with this beautiful, warm sun-kissed glow.

You can purchase Cocoa Butter in the form of wafers which make them very easy and convenient to use. All you need is one wafer for head to toe moisture. Take one, rub together between your palms until it softens, then massage into your skin.

We recommend applying it at night right before bed as it’s very thick and will need some time to absorb into your skin. Also, if you love the smell of chocolate, this will be your best friend but not everyone wants to walk around smelling like chocolate all day long… That’s why we suggest using it at night!


Also, keep your Cocoa Butter chips in a very cool place like your refridgerator. It’ll keep them from melting and it feels so refreshing to rub on your skin after a hot shower.


To purchase Cocoa Butter Wafers visit these sites: