NYC this week for Fashion week Spring/Summer 2014

Thania Peck NYFW fashion

So, we will be in ‘The Big Apple’ to cover styles and trends for all that is New York Fashion Week. But quintessentially, its so much more than just any fashion week. This is a time where business and pleasure conveniently converge, juxtaposed by a season where the city finds itself with comfortable weather. Meanwhile, the art of people watching has never remained as relevant, as one still spots the average city-goer punctuated by the celebrity or model scurrying about. Truly, there is an unmistakable magic in the air, and once you’re in the show, it is such a sight to see.

Here at Catcher in the Style, we have a strong emphasis on fun. From the office to the field, it always seems as adventure is looming. Luckily, we are armed with iPads of Greyskull-esque power, fortifying our fashion flotilla with superfluous files of fuming photos. Stay tuned to see what awesome styles and trends we get our epic little hands on for this 2014 S/S season. Should be a banger.


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