Music: Catching up with Zack Merrick from All Time Low!

Yay! I’m really excited now to bring you guys this interview.  It’s actually with one of my favorite humans, my best friend Zack. He is the bassist for pop punk band All Time Low and just rad. Thanks so much to Zack for doing this Catcher in the Style  interview while touring the world! Safe Travels
Interview: All Time Low’s Zack Merrick talks about his new clothing line, Amerrickan
Who taught you to play bass?
When I started playing bass, I was self-taught. Then after a few months of messing around in my friends basement, my parents got me lessons at the music workshop with Dave Davis who still teaches there today.

How old were you?

I was 11 years old when I first picked up the bass.
Where are you in the world currently?
Currently, in Charleston South Carolina enjoying a very nice sunny day.
What is your favorite thing about touring with ATL?
My favorite thing about touring with ATL is the experience and worldly knowledge you gain. You’re able to grow as a person and to use it to educate others. It is very humbling to travel and play music for a living. It’s privilege to meet new people and experience their culture first hand.
What do you do during down time when you’re travelling?
While traveling, I spend a lot of time exercising, exploring, skating, surfing when it is available, shopping and sometimes just relaxing taking it all in.
What’s your daily workout consist of?
My workouts vary day-to-day. I have focused more on functional movements in my routines. For example, I practice many different hand stand progressions and ring work to name a few. However, I still do some Olympic lifting, rock climbing and take boot-camp classes with my sister when I’m home.
Do you eat special food?
I would say the food I eat is fresh and healthy and not special ;). When it comes to nutrition I am on a pretty Paleo diet. Which consists of leafy greens lean proteins like fish and  chicken, as well as sweet potatoes.
You travel so much is there any countries you’ve haven’t been to?
I’ve traveled for 8 years and been to 38 countries but, I still haven’t gone to South Africa! What the Heck!
Clothing wise what is your favorite items to wear?

When it comes to wearing clothes, I prefer being naked but, as a second option I like to wear Levis Jeans, Volcom Sweaters, Radii footwear, Snap back hats. Pretty much what I have worn since my skating days.


You and the band have an amazing fan base, with that said, what are some of the weirdest gifts you’ve ever gotten from fans?

Our fan base is incredible and has gotten all of us in ATL where we are today. Nonetheless, I have gotten some weird gifts, condiments from restaurants, voodoo dolls, half eaten meals, flavored condoms just to name a few.

What is your most favorite memory in life?

My favorite memory in life was probably winning the baseball championship as a kid. I remember it meaning so much to me. Hopefully, I can do something to top that soon!


What is your favorite memory on tour?

My favorite memory on tour is a million way tie with all the people I have met and showed me around their countries and made me feel like family.

 When you were a kid, did you know you wanted to play music and tour in a band?

Well, I knew that this was what I would be doing out of high school. I even told a teacher that and they told me that it’s not a ‘real’ job and should go to college.


Whats your favorite cartoon?

Scooby Doo

Do you have a celebrity crush?

My celebrity crush is Eva Mendes.

Describe your dream girl.

My dream girl is confident, driven, intelligent, sexy, and is tough when she needs to be.

What do you like to see girls wear?

I like to see girls in their covered up beach look. Bikini underneath a sundress with a hat and sunglasses.

You always have amazing hair and skin, what products do you use?

To be honest, I do not use hair or skin products. Unless, I get tattoos or I’m showering which in that case, I use mane and tail.


What advice do you have for the people who are inspired by you and want to do what you do?

For everyone who is inspired to be a touring musician, don’t stop fighting for your dreams. If you never give up you will learn so much about yourself on your journey and you may start to live your dream, or dream even bigger.


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