Keep Hydrated this Summer Using L’Occitane new Face Masks, Lip Scrubs and Lip Balm!

Growing up, I always made scrubs for my friends and family. They loved it! I never have time to make scrubs anymore, but I still love hanging with friends and family and trying products. I’ll do a face mask night where all my girls go through my routine. Spending time doing self-care with friends is so fun for me! I love teaching what I know.

My favorite beauty brand, L’Occitane
launched a few fantastic new additions this spring. The fresh fruity, colorful ranges hit home because it reminded me of the products I used to make growing up. They launched some awesome face masks I used the other night. I had to grab a snack because the mask made me hungry; the smell is fantastic! I did the soothing mask, which includes natural ingredients like blackcurrant. It’s great before bed. You leave it on for 5 minutes for an instant soothing sensation!

They also launched a new lip collection featuring lip scrubs, lips balms, and fruity lipsticks! The lip scrubs are unreal. Their jam-like textures not only look great but smell amazing. I use the Fabulous Fig lip scrub in the morning before I start my day to get any unwanted dead skin off my lips. I had my friends try it the other day, and they loved it as well.

Then, I add the 3-1 Delicious Multi-Balm lip balm to keep my lips moisturized. L’Occitane also launched a few super cute fruity lipsticks. It’s the first time they are launching lip colors. I’ve used the Red-y to Play Fruity Lipstick before the launch, and I’ve gotten many compliments! Essential vitamins are infused at the core of the lipsticks so your lips will stay moistorized all day! No more dry lips this spring and summer, which is huge for me.

I don’t leave home without my lip color and balm. They fit easily into my purse and save the day. There is nothing worse than having dry lips, and nothing can combat it when it gets too far. So, for ultimate moisturized lips, this is the perfect routine. You’ve requested my smooth lip regimen and now I’m sharing my trick!

Always do a lip scrub in the morning with your routine and then hydrate with a balm throughout the day!